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orchid care

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by Sorathien on September 29, 2005 11:03 AM
my mom has an orchid, not sure what kind it is, but it's the one that grows horizontally along the ground, and it normally grows on the branches of trees. it's got yellow, ruffly-edged flowers with i believe a dark burgundy stripe down the middle of each pettal.

anyway, it bloomed right after she got it, and it's only bloomed once since then, only two buds on the stalk. the second time it bloomed was right after i pulled the whole thing out of it's pot and hacked part of it off. i pulled the part off because i thought (foolishly) that i could put it in my hermit crab turrarium and it would get lots of humidity and warmth and be happy. wrong, the hermit crabs ate it alive >.<

anyway, my mom's half bloomed right after that and is literally busting out of it's pot. she's got it in a ceramic pot, about 6" diameter, planted in course fir bark chunks. she gives it orchid fertilizer, but i don't know what the balance is. it's also sitting in a large saucer of water filled with pebbles for humidity.

but it won't bloom. what should she do to make it bloom. it seems wonderfully happy in every other way and just keeps growing and spreading, but it won't bloom...
by mrs. rhonda grant on September 29, 2005 04:33 PM
i have read that possibly orchids need more light to produce blooms.
ive had my orchids for a year and attached to a tree outside. I just moved them into a more lighted area, and bud shoots are appearing!
good luck

* * * *
GOD, please bless our plants and flowers. Let our new cuttings thrive. In JESUS name, AMEN.


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