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need help transplanting these

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by Mrs.Spud on May 06, 2006 08:21 AM
I just posted on the mystery plant board, here's the thread.
mystery flower bed needs transplanting
At any rate, I need to completely remove this bed because we are adding on.

Can I pot the daffodils and tulips in pots and let them continue to die off?

I have one large flower bed I can transplant the other green plants to, but I don't know what is in the other flower bed and how big any of the plants will be, etc. The remaining flower bed is in the shade, and this bed I have to move is in continual sun except in the morning.

I'm such a greenhorn with gardening....thanks in advance.

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Mrs.Spud: Idaho Mom
by Bestofour on May 07, 2006 03:06 AM
I'm not the expert on this forum but I'm pretty sure if you transplant your tulips now the bloom will die. You can plant them and the daffs in pots if you want or you could just move them to where they're going to stay.

That violet you have can get pretty big but around here they can't be hurt. They spread like crazy and come back whether you want them to or not. I'd dig that baby up and move it to anywhere. I have come up in the middle of the yard in full sun and in flower beds in full shade. I've tried to kill them all off before but it can't be done.

The dianthus will bush out some and mine reappear for 2 years then I have to replant. Here they grow nicely from seeds or from plants.

Looks like you have an asiatic lilly that hasn't bloomed. I have one if full sun and 1 in a pot in total shade. The one in full sun has multiplied and gets bigger than the one in the pot. If you transplant now it may not bloom.

Your crocus will be fine. You'll just have to dig up the tiny little bulbs and transplant them.

The way I garden is I do what I have to do and it always turns out ok. That's why I'm not considered an expert. I just do what I want ignoring all the rules.

And of course, if something doesn't come back or turn out correctly, your friends here will send you more seeds. [flower]

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