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can lilacs be grown from cuttings?

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by gotaclean on May 18, 2005 12:44 AM
hi I'm a new member from new york. I would love to know if I can force lilac clipping into new plants
by heidimac on May 18, 2005 06:23 AM
yes, lilacs can easily grow from cuttings. Look up Syringa and propogation. steps are simple. try multiples. I've had the best luck doing the least fancy set up. I have a 4 foot acacia from a cutting & a 6 foot 4 year old lilac. BUT, it's 99% where i live... In California roses grow like weeds.

I joined because of the cutest google search find on 'Greenie'. I'm looking for an easier way to excavate a few acres.... Some how his or her comments came up.
I hope he or she is having fun. I hope Greenie has been successful.
I think Greenie lived in California. Everyone here has things outside just calling for cuttings. I see something, throw a snip in a plastic bag... go on home and throw it in..... geraniums are everywhere and beg to be thinned. Fuschias also grow like crazy here from the worst cuttings.
If anyone knows how Greenie fared, please share.
Thank you.

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