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Food career change?

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by tamara on November 03, 2003 03:00 PM
Anybody own a restaurant or work in one? I'm thinking of opening a bakery next year. I'm sure a restaurant would make more sense but a bakery can be done on an easier level. I love to cook , maybe its time to get my buns in the oven [Big Grin] well at least make some money at it. A bakery could be run by myself and a helper. ANY IDEAS?

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by weezie13 on November 03, 2003 04:05 PM
Are you a early riser???
(Pun intended) [Big Grin]

Aren't bakeries open early in the morning
for the commuting traffic, like donut shops??

Plus if you do bakery stuff, don't you have to
be up like 2:00am to start baking/rising etc. for the commuters in the 4/5:00am slot???

Just curious!!

The restaurant business is to say the least
you have to be a few screws short in the bin...
I loved it, but when I worked I was single,
young and loving money!!!
(And did I mention single?)
I would never be able to put in the hours,
the days or the time I did before.
The money is good when you're in the right place,
and you work the hours/days....Friday and Saturday nights, Sunday football games,
The holidays and nights~when everyone else is off, alot of hours to make good pay in your pay check..And no more holidays spent with your family on that day, no more nights, or weekend things to do with friends and family, because you're working....
You better know how to bite your tongue off,
(well, so to speak, or should I say not to speak)
And you have to have a sense of humor, if you
don't have one, don't get into the restaurant me!!!!
And you better like ALL TYPES of people, and like to talk !!!! [devil] [Eek!] [Embarrassed] [grin] [muggs]
Alot of rest. have regulars, and sometimes no family or such around, and you become their 2nd family, and the other regulars that come in too,
Oh, and wait until you have to do scheduling,
the stories you hear when they can't work...and someone has to fill in for them, especially on busy friday night...
And the ones that won't work with the other one, because, this, and that, and I won't work with that one because.... oh, my gosh................
And cooking, you better like to cook, and come up with specials, every shift you're open, and they better be good, because word travels by word of mouth (tongue [tongue] and stomach) pardon the pun!!!
And you better like cleaning, cause, you clean, and clean, and clean...
Have I scared you away????
There's more, but.................

There's a great whole other side,
if you truely are a restaurant person,
some of the people you meet are
The 2nd families really are nice people and you enjoy your time with them (hard to go home to your real family sometimes), and you enjoy working hard, and are satisfied with a good days work, and because you were and are such a geniuenly nice person you made some decent bucks, to keep you in that crazy game one more day!!!

It really takes a special person to be in the business.......
I really could go on and on!!

We'll help you any way we can if you do!!!
We'll send lots' of recipes to you!!!


* * * *

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have
done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
- Bible - Hebrews 13:2


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