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Clemtris vines

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by njoynit on April 10, 2006 05:21 AM
Does anyone grow these 2 clemtris vines.
Elsa spath

I also bought nelly moser,but have had it before it just seemed to die over the winter was all.Polish spirit& dr ruppel survived.I need to plant those 2 out as well(polish spirit crammed in 4 in pot& Dr is in a hanging basket setting more buds as we chat) I was reading about& someone mentioned their asao grew 15 ft& they'd grown it for 5 yrs.but looking info up says 4-8 ft& most reported on Daves as 4-6 ft.

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by joclyn on April 10, 2006 08:44 AM
i've got a nelly moser and a jackmani that are well established. after the first year, the nelly hasn't done as well as the jackmani. it grew tremendously the first year so i don't think the location is the problem. i may not be keeping it watered enough and i'm going to make an effort to keep an eye on it more this year. i do keep them both well mulched - and i add more as the season goes on.

the nelly has never grown more than 7 feet - and after the first year, it's not branched out too much, either. it really looks pretty sickly even when it's green and it's flowering.

the jack has gotten up to about 12 feet. the jack also has more 'shoots' than the nelly. she's just got 3. i don't understand that as i've not trimmed them back more than a few feet. it must be something with that particular hybrid. it's got beautiful flowers tho (and it has flowered every year)!

i've not done anything with feeding them (and maybe nelly needs something) - do you use anything? if so, what?

i'd also planted two others - i forget which types altho one was white. they didn't do too well the first year and then the following year i mistakenly pulled them up when they were really small. big oops! on my part - i mistook them for weeds. and darned if i didn't do the same thing the following year, too! (i didn't expect them to come back since i'd basically massacred them the previous year and again mistook them for weeds).

last year the one came back again and i remembered, just in time, before i pulled it up again. i didn't see it do any real growth last summer so i don't expect it to pop up again this year. never know's already come back 2x. maybe the third will be the charm?

other than the polish spirit, i've not heard of the types you have. do you have any pics?
by johnCT on April 10, 2006 10:51 PM
I've had Nelly for three years now and never had it die over the winter. Look at the link here for info on the other two you mention. They have a great picture of Asoa. I also have Jackmanii, Niobe, Polish Spirit, The President and Josephine that I picked up at Lowes on clearance last fall.

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John - Zone 6
by njoynit on April 11, 2006 01:33 AM
My polish sprit stayed green last year.its crammed in the 4 in pot.I had thought nelly lived& Dr ruppel died,but then the Dr bloomed.I didn't trim him so is like12-18 inches of brown stem then green growth thats bloomed& are 2 suckers forming at base of dead stem,but is slow.I'm going to place the Dr on the fence with rose bush.
I start out fertilizeing with fish is basically just nitrogen.then use bloom booster fertilizers after that.

I did look in google for images.I checked for info basically matching the box. Asao,Nelly Moser&Elsa Spath we're 2 plants per box$6.50 on clearance for $1(It really DOES pay$$$$$$$$$$$$to wait [gabby] ) Nelly bloomed for me last yr,but not Dr ruppel& polish spirit.Nelly& niobe we're left in the ground.Nelly is doing squat& I pulled niobe out as a weed,but crammed it back after realizeing it wasn't a weed but my vine(duh....has a tag on the fence above it...thats why I shoved it back)

one lil question. being I've just 1 clemtris in bloom the seeds will likely be like the parent right.And just how long do these seeds dry on vine?I don't want a gust to scatter them ya know.

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I will age ungracefully until I become an old woman in a small garden..doing whatever the Hell I want!
by dodge on April 13, 2006 07:59 AM




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by patches1414 on April 13, 2006 02:35 PM

Hey Dodge, I'm another one! [kissies] I went all through grade school at St. Adalbert's (Polish school) and they taught us Polish, but I don't remember any of it! [Frown] Boy, they sure had some GREAT wedding receptions at the Polish Hall! [party] The food was awesome and delicious! [Roll Eyes] I can still remember when Frankie Yankovich came and played at a few of the dances they had. Those were some really good times! [thumb]

I've seen the Polish Spirit clematis but I don't have one. I was tempted, but I just don't have room for another climbing plant. [Frown]

patches [kitty]

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by joclyn on April 15, 2006 11:24 PM
witamy!! all i have to say about food is: pierogi!! homemade, of course!

that polish spirit is a real beauty! i went through the joycreek site as well as the joycreek site has pertinent info about cutting back - and when not to! some varieties will only bloom on old growth - you may be trimming back at the wrong time and then depriving yourself of blooms!!

i never realized there were so MANY varieties!! ha-ha, and most of them are purple!!! i'm heading out to see what the local store has - i've got plenty of room to add another vine or two. or three [Big Grin]
by morninglori on April 18, 2006 09:07 AM
Hey gang,
I have a couple of these guys, but El Presidente is fah-bulous.
The blooms are as big as dinnerplates.
I will tell you what Nicholson Hardie told me......

Plant the rootball in peat and place a rock on it (their roots like to be cold, and their heads like to be in full sun). He said don't water it too much because they do well where abused. and most of all, don't cut it...ever. In the North, they roll the roots down and pile leaves on them for the winter. In the south, you can just leave their little dead carcasses on the trellis. In the spring, they put their shoots right off the dead looking vines.

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