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Prayer Plant Transplanting

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by CindyH on June 17, 2005 06:58 PM
Im looking for some advice on my prayer plant!

I had a few pieces that my daughter broke off and I want to save them and replant, should I let them root in water or can they just be placed in the ground.
I do not have a lot of knowledge about house plants. Definitely not a green thumb LOL

Any advice would be great =)
Thank you!
by connie mounsey on June 17, 2005 07:21 PM
You can root out prayer plant in a glass of water. Connie

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Without faith life has no meaning.
by Dixie Angel on June 17, 2005 07:39 PM
Welcome to the forum, CindyH! I haven't had a Prayer plant in several years. I killed the last one I had, so I sure can't offer any advice. I just wanted to say "hello" and hope you have as much fun here as I do.


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by CindyH on June 18, 2005 06:44 PM
Thank you, I put them in a glass of water, I was hoping that would help them root out.

I hate to see such a beautiful plant go to waste!

Now I will have several around the house instead of one!
I also have some brown edges on the leaves. I Don't know if its from over watering the plant or not. It needs tlc big time! I have fought for 7yrs to keep this plant alive and have succeeded so far! I normally kill them off by now LOL
by CindyH on June 18, 2005 06:47 PM
Thank you Dianna,

I found this site on a search engine yesterday and then I didn't bookmark it, I had a heck of a time finding it again!
Lots of good info here by the looks of it!
It may just help me keep this plant alive LOL

This prayer plant was given to me by a person that had this huge stand set up in a bay window with little potted prayer plants in it, every time a new person would come to their home, he would give one to them. I thought that was a very nice gesture! He did tell me to keep it in a northern light and so far he's been right, its still alive! LOL
by connie mounsey on June 19, 2005 07:29 PM
Prayer plants like humidity. Also their soil should be kept moist at all times and the soil should not be allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. They are also suseptible to sunburn. They like light, but not direct sunlight. I like to mist my prayer plant frequently. We moved almost 2 yrs ago and since then it hadn't bloomed until last week. It loved the spot in our old house and always had blooms on it. I had moved it 5 different times before it decided it liked the room it is in now. Connie

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Without faith life has no meaning.

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