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by CAACAMERON on March 04, 2006 03:52 AM
HI. I need help in finding a plant I recently noticed.
I was visiting my husband at his office and inside there was a garden area. They had all sorts of beautiful plants around but one caught my eye and I am looking to see if anyone knows the name of it.
The plant had large green leaves and the leaves were outlined with colors. Each leaf seemed to have a different color. I noticed red and yellow and possibly orange on the outline of the leaves. The leaves were large and oval shaped. They looked to be shiny. There were no spots on the leaves, just different outlines of color.
I was amazed by the color and I am searching high and low to find them.
The plant was inside but in a warm sunny area so I am not sure if they would be considered houseplants or outdoor plants.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

by RugbyHukr on March 04, 2006 05:47 AM
croton 'Codiaeum variegatum'

* * * *
I love the sweet scents wafting in the breeze. I stop to admire the vibrant colors of all living things. And people think me odd. Then ODD I am!!!
by tkhooper on March 04, 2006 07:10 AM
Yep that's the one I thought of too.

* * * *
by Jiffymouse on March 06, 2006 09:48 AM
cameron, i edited your post as we do not allow email addresses on the public pages. if you want, you can either check the block requesting email notification of answers to the topic, or you can allow private messages from other members. thanks for your understanding.

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