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Chinese fan palm problems

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by Rachel A. on May 22, 2005 12:48 PM

I bought a healthy Chinese fan palm two weeks ago and it has exactly the same problems as the one in the message below. Layne (or anyone else who could help), if you see this and if you found a solution to your palm's problem, could you give me any suggestions or advice? Thanks! I would be sad to see it die. BTW, it,s still in it,s original pot, I haven't repotted it.


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posted 02-01-2005 12:53 AM
Hi, I got this Chinese Fan palm quite healthy from Lowes Jan 16, 2005. Then I transported into a slightly larger pot from it's original plastic 10 Galon container. I watered it fully and drain from the saucer, and kept the saucer dry.

2 weeks to now, the palm fans goes weak and won't stand straight, fan lopes are wilting and edges curling up. The room is kept at 65F and it's at a south facing window with filtered sun light almost all day. The room humidity is around 50.

I'm worried about the palm and did some researches online. Could it be overwatered? Or could it be less humidity? It was doing so find in Lowes, would be ashamed to kill this nice looking plant. There is a air outlet for hot air just feets away from the plant though. I closed the outlet after I find the plant is getting weak. Also afraid to water it as so many articles says not to over water palms. How could I keep the plant with high humidity? Spray the leaves daily? Thanks.

You can see the pictures of this plant at here:

The 4th picture is the health one just days after I get it. The other pictures are what the plant look now.

The pot mix I used when transported the plant was commercial potting mix from Walmart. But it was cold and more than damp as I put it in the yard. Kept all the original soil though.

Any advice about how to take care of this nice plant (now or later) will be appreciated.

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by tkhooper on May 22, 2005 12:57 PM
Hi Layne,

You live really close by. I'm in Triangle, Virginia. I'm sorry to hear about your palm. I was thinking about getting one. But I don't think I will now. I'm a beginner gardener and want to protect myself from any situations where I lose plants. I've been there way to many times over the years.

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