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Snake plant problems

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by plantgirl on May 08, 2005 11:09 PM
A few weeks ago I received many plants from a friend who was leaving town. Now some of the snake plant leaves have wrinkly skin, jelly insides and fallen over. In addition, other leaves are crisp as if they had been burnt and have white spots.

It has new growth in the middle but I'm just not sure it's healthy. I've only watered it once this month and it's in a bright room but without direct sunlight. I'm going to move it to a sunnier location.

Any more suggestions?

by Danielson on May 09, 2005 01:58 AM
well good luck with the reviving ,but it sounds like it is too far gone already. [Eek!]
How big is it? How many stalks? Is it potted in vermiculite or soil? [dunno]
Try making a cutting from it with root harmone.
That stuff is excellent for starting a new plant out of a far to gone one. [thumb]

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Dan the man
by mike57 on May 11, 2005 02:10 AM
HI [wayey] Plantgirl heres what i know abought it
the Snake plants also know as mother inlaws toungs. thrive in full sun. they will tolerate low light but color variegations will not be as pronounced. Snake plants are able to tolerate periods of drought but will not tolerate wet conditions since root rot may sounds like it may have been in the cold i would cut away all the bad shoots since there already damaged.let the new growth start from there the plant comes from a rizom witch is a tubber type root should grow back but will be slow as they are a slow growing plant.hope this helps.your friend in gardening mike57 [wayey] [flower] [flower]

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