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Jade- Drying or rotting?

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by Ahling on April 29, 2005 04:19 PM
I have a jade that seems like it may have some rotting- one or two branches are soft and falling off. But on the other hand, many of the leaves are starting to fall off or drying out and then falling off. I can't figure out if it needs water or DOESN"T need water? Or more light (it is in shade or indirect, never direct sun) I know that when a jade is dormant, you water once a month, but when growing, once a week. How would I know if my jade is dormant or growing? It lives in a city apt all year round so it doesn't really have a 'summer' or 'winter'.... Please help- this is the fourth jade that I have gone through this with and I love this one in particular.

Thank you.
by tkhooper on April 29, 2005 07:18 PM
Hi Ahling,

If it feels soft it's too much water. Jades leaves on the edges should have brown that's what says they are healthy and happy. You'll know if it's dormant because it won't be growing. When it starts producing more leaves its growing. My current one is a sub species of jade. But it loves the sun. I'm told that if they get enough sun they can even produce flowers. Of course if you have it in a shady spot you have to gradually introduce it to sun or it can get sunburned.

It sounds like your watering schedule is fine so maybe it is the amount of water you are putting in. If water sits in the bottom of the pot or the saucer you have below it that can cause rot. I've heard that about 20 minutes is all the longer plants should 'stand' in water.

Hope something in here helps. I'm a beginner gardener and love my succulents. Now I am branching out into other types of plants.

* * * *
by Ahling on April 29, 2005 08:47 PM
Thank you so much- it's hard to tell when he is growing or not. My little guy will grow a branch or two (he is still small) in two weeks and then stop- so I can never figure out when to water! Is there a way to tell by touching the soil so I can be sure each time I water? DO you think if the leaves are falling off brittle, that it means too little water is there or could that also be a result of rotting?

I will start moving him into the light- thank you! I love this guy but I'm afraid I am doing him an injustice with my care!
by tkhooper on April 29, 2005 09:40 PM
I have a different succulent that did that and it was a lack of light. I've never had a jade do that particular thing to me. They are adorable plants and I know how easy it is to get attached to them.

I am really to new to give expert watering advise. I let mine get dry to the first knuckle on my index finger and then water. And I don't soak it. Mine has gotten pretty large so I couldn't tell you how much to add. But if water goes to the bottom I would dump it out.

Yep that's pretty much what mine will do to. Seems to grow overnight and then nothing. lol

Mine will also produce tiny rootlets from it's stem joints when it gets watered with a water soluable fertilizer. But then as I said earlier it is a sub-species of Jade not the tree variety.

* * * *
by phoenix on April 29, 2005 10:31 PM
[wayey] ahling,
i have a small jade tree too about a week after i brought it home a few leaves turned "brittle" and fell off i watered it thoroughly once and then maybe a little bit of water once a week and no more brittle leaves [thumb] i have mine on a coffee table no direct sun just a little bright light. i also just gave it some fertilizer andlow and behold lots of new leaves [grin] like tk said the brown edges are a sign of a "happy plant"
hope this helps a little [Wink]

* * * *
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