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Time to re-soil Ivy?

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by syl726 on August 01, 2004 07:23 PM
Is the Ivy I purchased in mid-June ready for some "real" potting soil? I don't want to repot too soon. Will be using original pot just putting in Miarcle-Gro Potting Mix.
by Nako on August 01, 2004 09:01 PM
Go right ahead Syl [Smile] I repotted mine as soon as i got em. I even spread em out! They're in a pot, and growing around my ficus right now.


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by Will Creed on August 01, 2004 11:49 PM
Why would you replace the soil? Replacing soil is a very risky procedure and I don't understand what you hope to gain.
by Nako on August 02, 2004 04:57 AM
Actually, listen to Will on this one. But you can repot the ivy and keep the same soil its in. Just make sure you spread out the roots just a bit so they're not all clumped together. Otherwise, they won't spread out in the soil either. It'll kinda act like a wall. Well that's what happened to me with most of my plants anyway lol.

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by syl726 on August 05, 2004 07:08 PM
I thought because I read it somewhere that:
the soil plants come with are of poor quality and for shipping purposes only. Has no nutrients in it.
by Will Creed on August 06, 2004 12:32 AM
Nursery growers use the potting mix that is going to make their plants grow the healthiest and fastest. That's how they make money. Replacing soil with something cheap for shipping purposes is labor intensive (expensive) and detrimental to plant health. It is never done.

The idea that plants should be repotted as soon they are acquired is a very common misperception and one of the most common causes of plant failure.

New plants should never be repotted until they have fully acclimated to their new environment (several months or more) and, then, only if they truly need a larger pot because they dry out every day or so.

I hope this clears things up.

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