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Misting and city water

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by syl726 on July 06, 2004 02:53 AM
Hi Gang, Guess y'all could tell my computer was down or something because I haven't been posting much lately but... Hi Honey, I'm home! [wayey] QUESTION:I water and mist my plants on the porch(Boston Fern,Wandering Jew,Spider Plant,Ivy)like I do the ones I keep inside;with water that has set out for 2 days or more. The other day I used the hose to rinse off dust and webs from the porch ceiling. I think the plants enjoyed the light spray it received but, will the city water hurt the leaves? I've read that it's not good to water them with city water so I don't mist them with it either. Not enough water got to them to penetrate the soil but moistened/rinsed the leaves nicely [Embarrassed]
by Botanical Beauty on July 06, 2004 03:06 PM
I once worked for a city water dept. The citys water is stongly regulated and tested regularly for the proper amounts of chlorine ( about 3 ppm parts per million) and ph balance to be neutral 7. Unless your hose goes through a water softner ( which you add salts to) your plants should not be affected. There may be some white spotting from the mineral content of the water, calcium, iron, etc. These can be wiped off easily, and your plants will be fine.

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Botanical Beauty
by plantlady19 on July 06, 2004 06:17 PM
I agree completely with B.B. I regularly mist my plants with city water and they are doing tons better than they were before. [thumb] The mild amount of chlorine seems to have no effect.

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