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Spider Baby

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by syl726 on July 05, 2004 06:17 PM
Today I took my very first Spider Baby and didn't know exactly what to do afterwards [dunno] I did pick one with fleshy roots and it also has good foliage. I put it in the tiniest container I could find. Had to put enough soil in the bottom to give it some height,inserted it in a hole I only had to make with my index finger and gave it a good soaking. It looks cute in it's new home,tiny leaves hanging over the little pot. It is in the window where it can look out and see its mother [wayey] If this works ok, I'm thinking of getting a small rectangular container and put 2-3 babies in it to root and give to friends. Anything else I can do to help this little fellow stay happy?
by gardenmom32210 on July 07, 2004 01:47 AM
Just treat it like you did its mother and it should be fine.
Every time a neighbor of mine had babies he bought a rectangular pot and put the babies in it. He now has the whole perimeter of the inside of his screened in porch lined with these pots and the babies(which are huge and producing their own babies). It looks really nice. He also bought a strawberry planter and has spiders growing in it.

Karen [grin]
by Bonsai Beginner on July 11, 2004 07:24 AM
Spider Plants are easy to care for, so long as it has adequate lighting and doesn't dry out, it should be fine.

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