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by Ignignokt on March 25, 2005 05:46 AM
Hello all! Last June I took over care of my cousins Jade plant. He left it outside all the time and never took care of it. I didn't know much about this plant but I couldn't stand to let let it be neglected. It took me until December to restore its full health. Recently I put it up on top of the refrigerator while I was cleaning and my husband knocked it down. The fall broke the pot and significantly damaged the plant. The plant broke in several places and the main stem is damaged pretty bad. There is still a peice of the main stem that is connected to the roots that is somewhat healthy. I want to salvage it but I don't know how to do that and get it to regrow. Do I replant the roots with the stem or some of the leaves? Someone please help!
by Cricket on March 25, 2005 05:52 AM
Hi! [wayey] Welcome to the forum!

I don't know much about rooting jades but there are several members here who grow them. One of them will be around soon to advise you. Let us know how your poor jade fares!

by obywan59 on March 25, 2005 08:19 AM
I would think that the way to get the biggest plant the quickest would be simply to replant the part of the stem that is still attached to the roots.

Jades are very easy to root however, and you could take a piece of stem that was broken off, pull off some of the lower leaves, and stick the resulting bare stem into a pot.

Jades will also root new plants by simply laying a leaf on the soil. After a time, roots will form and a new stem will begin to grow.

* * * *

May the force be with you
by tkhooper on March 25, 2005 01:08 PM
Here is a link to an earlier Jade string that might be very useful. jade propogation
They are wonderful plants and yours deserves to be saved. If you look at the pictures from this string I think it will give you heart. This jade took a beating.

* * * *
by Ignignokt on March 25, 2005 06:28 PM
Thanks so much for your help! I will try every piece of advice I get and be sure to keep you posted with the results. Thanks again. [thumb]
by Will Creed on March 26, 2005 04:31 AM
First, divorce your husband! Just kidding.

If the rootball is mostly intact, then simply replant it into the same sized pot. As long as there are healthy roots, they will continue to function and gradually put up new growth. But it will require patience and a long time to get it back to where it was.
by Ignignokt on April 20, 2005 08:37 PM
Well, It's been almost a month since I replanted the rootball. I bought special soil for succulents, used plant food, and watered it as needed. It hasn't shown any signs of life and I'm giving up on it. It's so sad. [tears] That plant was very special to me and I worked so hard to get healthy again. I'm going to look for another one but it won't be the same. Thanks for all your help! [Smile]
by tkhooper on April 20, 2005 08:46 PM

unless it has turned brown don't give up. They have stages when they don't grow much and then they take off like there is no tomorrow or at least that has been my experience.

* * * *
by phoenix on April 20, 2005 10:24 PM
i agree with tk nnnooooooooo!!
my mom had a problem similar to yours and she decided to keep the plant and see if it would recover. sure enough it did and the plant flourished after a while. she even went as far to place some of the leaf/petals that had dropped off in the dirt under the tall trunk and had "little ones" after some time it looked real neat too

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by Jiffymouse on April 21, 2005 02:52 AM
here is another no to add to the chorus. they go through stages and cycles... just put it all where you had it when it was healthy, and only water it when it needs it (when it is dry) and it will start to grow again. it really will. but you may not notice it at first, so take a picture or two so you have a comparison.
by Ignignokt on April 22, 2005 11:18 PM
I haven't thrown it out yet. I don't have the heart. I have a slight feeling it will grow again. Wish me luck! [flower]

How much light should I give it? Should I give it more or less than usual?

I could use any other advice you're willing to give. Thanks! [thumb]
by tkhooper on April 22, 2005 11:48 PM
I'm going out on a limb here.

Since they will bloom if put in a lot of light I'm going to say they like that best. Mine will pout if put in the shade. It won't lose leaves or anything it just won't grow. But if you need to move it, please do it in stages. Don't want to burn it on top of everything else. Mine is a sub-shrub not the tree and if it's given a little too much water it will develop roots from the 'joints'(?). Even if that part of the plant isn't sitting on the soil. But that could be a characteristic of this sub species.

* * * *
by Jiffymouse on April 23, 2005 05:19 AM
tk is right, lots of light, but i wouldn't go direct sun until it is healed up.
by Ignignokt on April 27, 2005 05:19 AM
I so confused! [dunno] I'm having a hard time epxlaining whats happening with my poor plant. There are two main stems at the base and they are hollow, like it rotted out. I'm pretty sure that the roots have taken to the soil but will it grow if it's rotted? HELP!!
by tkhooper on April 27, 2005 06:12 AM
A picture for the experts at this point would really help I think.

From what I've heard about rot the area would feel mushy. Is that what you have going on?

* * * *
by Jiffymouse on May 01, 2005 04:28 AM
Originally posted by Ignignokt:
I so confused! [dunno] I'm having a hard time epxlaining whats happening with my poor plant. There are two main stems at the base and they are hollow, like it rotted out. I'm pretty sure that the roots have taken to the soil but will it grow if it's rotted? HELP!!
first, define "hollow" - is it actually like a drinking straw or is it more just feeling like you could "squish it" without it being "mushy".

second, if you see roots (air or dirt) then you are in ok shape. tk is right, when a plant is rotting (roots or other wise) it will be the consistancy of lettuce left in the fridge way too long.

third, check for odor. if it doesn't smell bad, you are probably on the right track. rot smells "off".
by Ignignokt on May 08, 2005 06:17 AM
I don't have a digital camera but it doesn't matter anymore because I threw it away [tears] I tried every piece of advice I got and I want to thank everyone for the help but there was no saving my poor plant. A couple of days ago I was going to water it and when I picked up the pot some gnat looking bugs flew out and I said that's enough. After I took it out of the pot I got to look at it more closely and it was completely rotted out so there was nothing I could do for it. At least I tried! For now I'm just gonna take care of my flowers and I will look for another Jade soon because I love them and I will make sure nothing bad happens to it [Smile]

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