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by MICHAEL5621 on February 28, 2005 06:49 AM
Can anyone attest to SuperThrive's success or have any other info about this product?

Just Wondering.... [thinker]
by plantlady19 on February 28, 2005 06:56 PM
SuperThrive? [Big Grin] What a funny product name. Sounds like something out of the 1970's. Is that a fertilizer? Never heard of it. [dunno]

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by MICHAEL5621 on March 01, 2005 01:30 AM
HI... [Wink]
by weezie13 on March 02, 2005 02:57 AM
I use something like this....
It's a Micronutrient...

Here's some info on Super~Thrive

I have heard of that SY stuff maybe once or twice...
But when I looked on the site for info,
there wasn't any ingredients they listed????


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by Will Creed on March 02, 2005 04:23 AM
That stuff has been around for longer than I have! They've been running that same basic cartoon ad for just about as long. Lots of outrageous claims, but no independent evaluation of the stuff. The inventor refuses to let on what is in it, so no one can verify it scientifically. Very convenient. I wouldn't waste my money.
by obywan59 on March 02, 2005 05:45 PM
I'm going to try it. I've tried Spray-n-grow w/ Bill's Perfect Fertilizer and didn't really expect too much, but I was really impressed with the results on my potato crop last year. So I'll try Super Thrive (I'll try anything once). [Smile] I'll probably try it on some of my shrubs and fruits that need a boost.

* * * *

May the force be with you
by noneofyourbusiness on March 06, 2005 08:02 PM
I'm one of those people!! I SWEAR by it!!!

Super thrive is a root enhancer, that works wonders!!! I use it in every feeding, on ALL my plants. Try it, your plants will love you for it. [muggs]
by sachis2112 on March 16, 2005 02:14 AM
OK. I got some Superthrive last year. Like an 8 oz bottle or so. I pretty much use it like I would a fertilizer. And when I run out of something like the stuff you use to prevent transplant shock, I'll mix some of that in with the watering. Have I seen any spectacular showings? No.

Although I haven't been gardening for as long as some of you, I don't think it would have done anything that another liquid fertilizer wouldn't have.

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