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Hello / Aloe

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by wrybosome on February 23, 2005 03:46 PM
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and a newbie at plants. A person at work gave me an aloe plant a few weeks ago in a beaker of water. When it grew roots I put it in a wide pot with soil. It's directly (6") under a 16" white fluorescent light (no sunlight available here). I did not water it since the advice on the web said not to. When I came back from the long weekend the leaves had begun to curl and about half the tips were turning brown. I gave it some water yesterday and don't see any change this morning. The younger leaves seem healthier than the older ones.

If it's a light problem, I can get a different bulb or lamp and set it up on my desk with a timer.

Thanks for any comments you may have!
by Jiffymouse on February 23, 2005 09:09 PM
ok, i'm no aloe expert, but here is what i would (have) done with mine...

first, only water it when it feels dry about 1/2 inch or so down in the pot (stick your finger in the soil) then, give it a good soak and let it dry out again... depending on the soil, pot size, room temp, etc., that could take between 2 weeks and a month, more or less.

second, i'd raise the light to at least 12-18". having the light that close to it won't hurt it, but raising it will give you more enjoyment and won't hurt your plant.

third, recognise that the roots your plant grew in the water were different than the roots it will grow in the soil. so, when you put the plant in soil, its system was shocked. that is why the leaves reacted that way. but, if you continue to care for it, being careful not to overwater it, the new growth will replace the older, damaged leaves.

also, aloes react slowly, so don't expect changes overnight. for that, you have to grow a peace lily instead. they react in hours rather than days!
by njoynit on March 01, 2005 04:04 PM
When I moved down here we was buliding started out small...I have 4 keept 2 outdoors in garage useing ahhh florencents!! shop lights them $8 jobbys2-3 ft maybe???.the aloes sat on ground one on top of the turkey fryer.I wanna say they were 4-5 ft away .turkey one was higher but was a babyshareing the flat with christmas cacti.our lowest temp was probably 25-26.metal garage.Eceept for the crash of hubbys engine hoist thing.the aloes were fine.probably watered once a month& some nice days I would haul them outside& then back in.Its not office conditions,but you won't need to water as would want to keep it from air vents so so not alot of change in soil.pot it in a cactus mix& add some sand to the cactus mix.if I go outside right now to get my cactus mix bag....I'll get lost in my work.I bought at walmart the bag had pink on it.cactus succulent can use some small gravel over the soil surface like fish rocks.or the clear glass ones.when I go out and go in shed.i'll look at bag.I saved the bag cause of something on back of it.Also get a misting humidity.
how many leaves does your plant have& how tall are they?

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by Elfinone on March 02, 2005 02:10 AM
I gotta tell you,lol. I have an aloe that has re-grown itself with new babies fotr the last oh say 5 years. I water it when I remember, I put it outside when the danger of frost is done and thats where it stays til frost comes back. I hardly ever water it outside as the rain usually does the trick. I love my aloe, I can always count on it to be there, even when I don't remember it is.

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