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Mounting a staghornfern

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by sextus on February 28, 2005 05:23 PM
Alright, from what I hear, in order to mount a staghorn fern, a person need to place the plant in some sphagnum moss and then on to some sort of object. The question is how much spaghnum moss should one use. I bought this fern last fall, and it was in a pot with about six to eight inches of the moss, covered by potting soil. I tried removing some of the moss, but I cannot tell if I am also damaging the roots or not because of the moss looks so much like plant roots. So then, how moss is supposed to planted under the plant, and need I worry about damaging the roots in removing it?

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by The Accidental Farme on February 28, 2005 08:19 PM
My wife says.
It the fern is in a clay pot cover the pot with a towel or a rag and break the pot. Then gently remove any loose dirt. She likes to mount hers on a board wider then the ball of the staghorn. Use ENOUGH moss(wet) to cover a spot on the board the same size as the ball on the plant, about one inch thick. Then she uses long plastic coverd twist ties and LOOSLY secures the fern to the board. With a hanger screwed into the board the fern can be hung on the wall. Eventually the fern will attatch itself to the board. When you first mount your fern wet the plant really well and give it a feeding of Miricle grow. Later watering can be done where the collar fronds come up against the moss, and don't be afraid to give it a soaking from time to time. use your spray bottle frequently as the plant loves it.
Staghorn Fern: Platcerium bifurcatum"Bloomii"
This plant is an epiphyte or air plant and does not root per say. It is native to Polynesia and Australia
When your fern produces babies you can remove them with a sharp knife and start more the same way.

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The Accidental Farmer
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