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unhealthy african violet... root rot?

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by treelove on October 30, 2006 11:21 PM
Hello, friends!

I have two AVs, bought from a grocery supermarket about 2 months ago. When I bought them, they were flowering beautifully, one pink and one blue. I know that it is not advisable to get plants from grocery stores but they were only $2 each and looked healthy; who'd be able to resist?

After I brought them home, I read about them on this forum; asked advice from the members and got plenty of very helpful info.

I replanted them in a well draining soil, in AV pots (selfwatering double pots).

Now there seems to be a problem.

One of them, the pink one, has damaged leaves. It does not seem to be dying, but all leaves, even the new ones have strange spots close to edges. From the top the leaves look as if they are wet at the adges, and if you look on the inside of the leaf, those "wet" places are brownish. When I touch leaves, they are firm and springy to the touch, not wet or rotten.

Any ideas? Something is definetely wrong, but what?

The other one, blue one, looks good. But neither is blooming, I am hoping they are resting.

thank you and happy gardening,

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I am so happy I found this forum!
by comfrey on October 31, 2006 12:49 AM
Someone will probable be able to tell you exactly what it is...But in the mean time you can go here Diagnosing African Violets It is a good site to identify pest and problems of AV's...There are pictures to look at also for comparison.

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by dodge on November 01, 2006 09:33 AM

It may be a Pest or virus......
yep I read violets get virus , diseases......
I had a black fly on mine last winter.. Killed half the lot......1/2 lived and I re rooted a whole bunch and they are so sweet today.

I bought some end of the year plants from Lowes..
And they brought white fly all thru my house.

I know not what to do.

dodge [dunno]

* * * *
''''Those who live in the Lord Never See Each Other For The Last Time!''''
by treelove on November 04, 2006 03:08 AM
Dear Comfrey and Dodge!

thank you for your replies. Sorry, I did not acknowledge them earlier, had a very busy week.

Comfrey, the link you shared is great. I think I may have found the answer there. It appears to be necrosis due to Ph imbalance. But I have to read more to make sure, there are many similar symptoms to very different problems.

The plant is getting worse, so I have to take action soon to give it some chance of survival. I'll keep you posted.

thank you so much and happy gardening,

* * * *
I am so happy I found this forum!
by Vera_M on November 09, 2006 05:25 AM
Is it just the edges? Older or newer leaves? If the older leaves than I would suspect lack of humidity. I've also noticed in AV's that if they are potted in certain pots like terra-cotta the leaves or stems touching the edge seem to get spotted dry patches.


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