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I think my Money Tree is dying. Please help!!

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by SaraR on January 04, 2005 09:37 PM
I am so depressed. A couple years ago, I got a money tree from a girl at work as a gift. For a couole years, he was healthy at my desk, however 3 of his five roots dried up, so only two branches was growing. It got so tall, however, that he was top heavy and I brought him home to put him in a larger pot and get something to help him stand up. A day after I brougth him home, one more root dried up, so there is only 1 now. Well, my husband puts him in succulant soil and a pot without drainage because it is all we have. I am going tonight to get the proper care stuff for him, however, he is now wilting terribly, most leaves are starting to turn brown and his poor little branches that the leaves sprout from are all bending. Is it too late to save him? Remember, I am buying the appropriate stuff tonight, but what else can I do to make sure he makes it? I was thinking of buying a whole new with at least 4 heathly roots and planting them together so that he has company. IS that odd?

Please help me.
by Dixie Angel on January 05, 2005 02:28 AM
Sara, I think the money tree needs to be a little on the dry side. I bought one for myself a year ago and it has been thriving on low light and watering just once in a while. I re-potted mine about a month ago and it is still doing well on "neglect"! [Wink]


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by SaraR on January 05, 2005 05:16 PM
Thanks. I repotted him last night in a pot that drains into a holder at the bottom. As I was doing so, a couple leaves and one little branch fell off of him. Althoughm he does have new growth at the top. I also used the correct soil and then got two wooden skewers to hold him straight up, as he is way to top heavy. I don't mind a long branch with no leaves as long as he grows them up top. I then put him in my window to give him some natural light, although it is raining all week, but I couldn't bring him back to work until I know he is stronger. This morning I gave him a little bit of water. I am thinking of buying another tree with all 5 branches in bloom to put with him, as this pot is much bigger and I feel bad he is all alone, although the 4 dead roots are still weaved in with him, as I tried to remove them and his branch alone is too thin to stand on its own. I really hope I am able to save this poor guy, but i will be sure not to water him again for a little while.
by GardenMaster on January 22, 2005 06:50 PM
Dear Sara,

Money trees are one of the most easiest tropical plants to take care of which at one time symbolize wealth and prosperity. Virtually you have to do nothing to them. I recommend to gently mist the soil with a spray bottle about one every other week. However occasionally watering it is just fine as well. In addition if you really want you Money Tree to flourish it should be kept in fairly warm place.(65-85 degrees F) Being that is sounds like your money tree is almost dead I would purchase a furtilizer called "master start". I have had some remarkable luck with this stuff and use it on all my landscaping jobs and in all of my house plants. Also that miracle grow potting soil is pretty good stuff to use. I have had plants get abnormally large when planted with that soil. For sure try the master start. It will bring you tree back to life. It could take months for your tree to return to it full health. It would easier and a whole lot cheaper if you threw it away and bought a new one for $3.88 cent. Anyways best of luck,


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Garden Master
by Jiffymouse on January 22, 2005 11:29 PM
Sara, don't let the plant depress you and don't let anyone let you feel bad for being sentimental about a plant.

i have not grown any of the money tree plants, but what i do know about plants is this:

1 - it doesn't matter how "easy" a plant is to grow. it may not be easy for you, and two "identical" plants may not grow the same for you (i have two scheffleras on the same shelf with the same care, and one is thriving and one is dead as a doornail, go figure [nutz] )

2 - the sentiment of plants is one of the reasons that peace lillies are one of the most popular plants in the nation... they are one of the "easiest" and are frequently given at funerals... that is why i have one that is 14 years old that i have babied back from the brink several times.... (my mother's funeral)

3 - other than bog plants, ALL plants need good drainage. period. they will die without it because either they will sog out or you will under water them in an attempt to not sog them out. root rot is one of the worst ailments...

finally, welcome to the garden helper...

caring for my peace lily was what brought me here several years ago, and i am so glad i found this place, and stayed! hope you like it here too!
by SaraR on January 24, 2005 08:26 PM
Thanks. He is doing much worse despite my hopes in helping him [tears] . I think it is time to let go. I do plan on getting another one and trying again. Thanks for all your help.

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