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peace lily leaves diseased?

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by so. cal dweller on December 21, 2004 10:20 PM
Hello everyone! I am new to the forum but have learned lots of information from my browsing here previously. I have a question however regarding one of my peace lilies. Some of the leaves seem to have what looks like a clear glue running up the middle of the leaf. It is thicker that the rest of the leaf and about 1/8" to 1/4" covering each side of the center almost the entire length of the leaf. I am fairly new to growing plants as I have killed everything in the past. However, I am starting anew after taking a multi-year sabbatical from plants. My luck seems to have turned and my plants are all doing well except this one. Not all the leaves have this stuff on it but the ones that do are actually starting to fold in half length-wise as the stuff thickens. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with my plant? Thanks in advance.
by so. cal dweller on December 22, 2004 04:29 AM
Okay, I checked my other peace lilies a little more closely and saw the very beginnings of this same thickening on the leaves. I am wondering if this is some type of virus. I went into the nursery today to talk to the woman in the houseplants section and she has never seen anything like this. Nor has one of her co-workers. Now I am getting nervous. Is this going to destroy my peace lilies? They are getting so big and are so pretty I would hate to lose them. Could I have spread something amongst them when I was using my water meter? HELP!!! What do I do?
by JoeLee O'L:ee on December 31, 2004 06:51 AM
Have you looked very, very close at the leaves for any critters? Maybe even use a loupe or magnifying glass. Give extra attention to the backside of the leaves.
Are any of the leaves chewed up?
I am not real good at this stuff, but I usually look for creatures and if that fails I go for a fungicide like liquid copper, which is not very toxic to people or Daconil, which cannot be good with a name like that.
Good luck.
by ATurner on January 04, 2005 06:37 PM
Please let me know when you figure it out. I have 3 peace lilies and one of them is starting to do develop that...also on one of my peace lilies there seems to be almost like a film covering the leaves and the stalks droop, its been this way for almost a year and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?
by Jiffymouse on January 06, 2005 03:29 AM
sounds like some kind of critters to me. my brain isn't working well tonight, but i'll be thinking on it. i love peace lillies!
by so. cal dweller on January 24, 2005 05:55 AM
Thanks everyone. Sorry I have not replied sooner. Got pretty busy with the kids stuff for a while there. Will have to try the liquid copper or other fungicide. Cannot find any critters on the plant. It has been a few weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Hopefully it will be like the nursery said and the virus, if that is what it is, will just run its course and the plants will recover. Will post again if anything changes.

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