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I have a sick Peace Lily

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by pwrcudlr on January 17, 2005 01:52 AM
I was gone for the weekend, and my batteries for my thermostat went out, so the temp in my house was 50 degrees. I now have a huge Peace Lily that is drooping and I'm not seeing any progress in its perking up. It's from my father-in-law's funeral and very precious to me...Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
by Amy R. on January 18, 2005 02:27 AM
sorry to hear about your peace lily.=( here is a great link off this very site that might be helpful:

hope you are able to revive it!
by Jiffymouse on January 18, 2005 03:20 AM
give it a little time, don't over water it, and make sure it is in a stable temp environment... it'll be fine...

but... cut any brown leaves off as they get brown.
by Keri on January 18, 2005 05:42 AM
Your post reminded me of the peace lilly I had. It was from my grandfathers funeral. I wasn't very close to him, like I should have been and the family received so many plants and flowers for his funeral they handed all the peace lillies out to the grandchildren. I was so excited because it was sort of a closure to me because he would always be with me in spirit through this peace lilly. Sounds silly I know but I just felt that way. Well, it did great for about a year and then it went down hill from there. I didn't change the way I took care of it but for some reason it wasn't making it. Eventually it died and it broke my heart when it did. Ever since then I have wanted a peace lilly to replace the one I had lost but the only thing is, it wouldn't have had the same meaning as the first one.

Thanks for letting me share my story and I wish you the best of luck with your peace lilly. I can say honestly I know and understand the meaning behind yours!!

by Jiffymouse on January 18, 2005 08:09 PM
well, i learned about peace lilies the hard way... but the one i have is 14 years old, and is from my mother's funeral. it has been through neglect, cold, soggy, about everything... but, i've learned a lot in the process and i know they can recover from the cold, they just have to have some tlc, and the brown leaves cut off as they die. the new leaves won't be as big at first, but they will grow and befor you know it, you will have a new, beautiful plant!
by ashley1 on January 23, 2005 09:37 PM
try sticking it near a sunny window and water it kinda alot and let all the water drain off. Mayby try a little miracle grow fertilizer or some other kind of fertilizer.

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