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Okay, yet another Peace Lily question...WILL! haha

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by Raenkatz on April 28, 2004 02:49 AM
My upstairs peace lily is looking a bit yellowish...just overall in general not as healthy a green as I think it should be.

I know Will Creed has indicated that feeding plants is not always necessary, but I'm wondering if there is either a mineral deficiency (iron, manganese or magnesium come to mind) or something about the water that it doesn't like. I have a tendency to water it with regular tap water since it's upstairs and not close to my plant water source, but it just doesn't seem to be a healthy looking as most of my plants. I do feed it once in a while (maybe once a month...more like once every other month) with very dilute Schultz liquid plant food

I have not repotted it in about 2-3 years (maybe longer, I don't really recall). It only recently started flowering again (the first time in about 6 years) since I moved a year ago and could put it near a southern window...

any thoughts??
by Will Creed on April 28, 2004 04:18 AM
I have some "food" for thought!

There are many potential causes of peace lilies developing a pale, bleached or sickly color. South windows usually expose plants to direct sun and direct sun will definitely cause peace lilies to pale, even as it promotes more flowers.

Hard or alkaline water will alter the soil pH and "lock-up" the nutrients so the plant can't use them. All the fertilizer in the world will not help if the soil pH is not in the proper range. If your tap water is on the hard side, then switch to filtered, distilled or rainwater.

Overwatering is another cause of peace lily leaves devloping a sickly color. Avoid watering until the plant is on the verge of wilting.

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