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How to Grow and Care for Red Twig Dogwood Trees

Cornus stolonifera

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Red Twig Dogwoods are native to most of the northern United States and Canada.
These Dogwood plants are fast growing, multi-stemmed shrubs which can grow to 15 feet.
They produce clusters of tiny white flowers in the Spring
Bright white or blue berries appear in late summer that remain until winter to provide a treat for the birds.
In the Fall, the foliage turns to a deep crimson red.
During the Winter after the leaves drop the stems turn bright red, creating a dramatic silouette anywhere in your garden, especially when there is a background of dark evergreens or white snow...

Growing Requirements for Red-Osier Dogwoods

Red Twig Dogwoods are hardy in USDA zones 3-10.
They prefer to be grown in full sun but will tolerate partial shade as well.
Red Twig Dogwoods grow best in moist, humus rich, well draining soil.
Water regularly and thoroughly. Dogwoods do not tolerate drought very well!
Anglen the Garden Gnome
They can be cut back to nearly ground level in the spring to encourage new growth that is a much brighter shade of red than the old growth.

Propagating Red Twig Dogwood Plants

Red Twigs Dogwoods can be propagated by simple layering, which is done by pegging the tip of the stem to the ground. Once the 'layer' is well rooted you can sever the new start from the parent plant and replant it elsewhere.
In colder regions, Dogwood seeds can be sown directly in the garden during the fall months for germination the following spring.
If you want to sow your seeds indoors, they must be kept in the freezer for three months before sowing in a moistened, sandy soil mixture.
Firm the soil lightly and keep evenly moist.
Maintain a temperature of 70°-75° within the growing medium.
Germination is slow and may take up to several months.

Red Twig Dogwood
Cornus stolonifera
A Red Osier Dogwood with Summer Foliage A Red Twig Dogwood in Winter, Cornus stolonifera

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