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Diversions to Keep Cats and Dogs
Away from your Plants

Cat Vigil
To start with,,doesn't fang know that he's not supposed to mess around with Mom's stuff???? I'm not a puppy shrink, but I think I'd try getting him interested in something else. Have you ever given him a pig ear(mmmm, yummy!) to chew on?? Give him a couple of those every day, and his jaws would be to tired to chew on anything else.
Although azaleas are listed in most of the toxic lists, according to Dr. William Buck DVM. in his article POISONOUS PLANTS AND PETS DON'T MIX, although azaleas are deadly to sheep and goats, it doesn't seem to be a problem with cats and dogs. Please keep your azaleas,,,every yard needs a couple of them! star

Do your kittys a favor and grow them their own catnip or catmint plant...Very easy to grow, if you can talk your cats into waiting for it to mature. If your cats like storebought catnip,,,wait till they try homegrown!

Although catnip isn't generally toxic to pets, owners should guard against giving too much of the fresh plant to cats. This plant causes hyper-stimulation to the central nervous system and the cat can injure itself, However, the dried form usually won't cause problems for your pet. Cats may chew on plants as a form of entertainment if they are bored. One safe release for their boredom is to plant lawn grass in a pot for them. The grass isn't harmful, and cats may also enjoy digging in the dirt. Covering the soil of other houseplants with aluminum foil to keep the animal from digging in it and decrease the likelihood of the pet eating the plant. If your pet does eat something that is poisonous, you should call your veterinarian, immediately. star

As an avid net browser, I check out a lot of animal pages, and I'm finding an increasing number of horror stories of animal abuse,,,,and find that the crud that torture and maim these animals get off with less that a slap on the wrist. It is time to change this, and demand that justice be done. Please sign the petitions linked here. I have signed both, and intend to make sure that that the public will hear more about this. Please sign now, then call your friends to ask them to sign.

a cat

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