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Problem Cats in the Garden

Reader Suggestions

April 2, 1999
I would like to know how to keep the neighbourhood cats from using our flower garden for an outhouse. They all seem to like our garden. Thanks...
I've been searching for advice on keeping my cats from urinating in my plants. I have heard of something and can't remember if it was pepper or paprika or some other spice. Can anyone help? My cat is killing all of my houseplants

The following are suggestions from my readers as to how to deal with wayward kitties...

I will add any resonable suggestions to this list as I receive them.
  • I've found that my four cats don't seem to like petunias, so I plant them in the front of any flower bed I don't want them to play in. Maybe they don't like the aroma.
  • Use Mothballs works best if the soil is new but it will work to some degree indoors or out with all soils.
  • You can also try motion-activated garden sprayers in strategic places to keep cats and dogs away from certain areas--all it does is spray them with water. sells them. I haven't tried these, so I can't recommend them.
  • I have used stones with success. Large enough that they can't scrach. Looks natural and is free. good luck
  • This works for me (a product from the vet or a mailorder like foster and smith)it's called "bitter apple" it is natural and not very expensive
  • My suggestion is try a wire screen(mesh)fence about 1 ft around the top of the plant pot itself. You can cover this and try it. It would take a little construction on your part but it might be an idea for you.
  • I've had good luck placing lava rocks over the soil. Make sure they don't touch the stem, though.
  • I have heard many times that using preditor markings will keep them away. I can't guarantee that it will work, but it may be worth a try..... Try going to
  • I'm not sure if you'd call this an all natural solution but it worked for me. My neighbors cat used my azalea bed as a big litter box, scattering mulch and making a big mess. I took ammonia and wiped it on the raised bed's borders (wood) and He hasn't visited my beds since but he still sits with me on the porch occasionally. Hopefully no harm done.

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