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How to Grow and Care for a Butterfly Bush Plant

Buddleia davidii

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The Butterfly Bush, Buddleia davidii is a fast growing, drought tolerant,
profusely blooming, deciduous shrub that is hardy in USDA zones 5-9

Butterfly Bushes produce a multitude of clustering, arching spikes of tiny,
fragrant flowers in late summer on branches that will sometimes reach 15' tall.

The dark green, lance shaped leaves are long and course with lighter colored, fuzzy undersides.

Growing Requirements for Butterfly Bush Plants

Butterfly Bushes will grow in almost any type of soil but perform best if they are planted in moderately fertile, moisture retaining and well drained soil.

Buddleia plants should be grown in full sun or light shade.
Water regularly. Butterfly Bush plants will tolerate periods of drought,
but not boggy soil.

Pruning Butterfly Bush Plants

Remove spent flowers promptly and regularly for a longer lasting flower display.
Pinching out the tips of new top growth will promote
a more compact and bushier shrub.
Buddleia plants bloom on new growth.
They should be cut back to strong new buds near the ground in early spring,
after the last frost, but before new growth begins.

Propagating Butterfly Bush Plants and Growing them from Seed

Butterfly Bush plants can be propagated with semi-ripe cuttings taken during the summer

Buddleia davidii seeds can be sown in the garden during late spring and summer months,
up until two months before the first frost.
Seeds that are started indoors, in early spring and kept at 75° will germinate in about 20-25 days.
They may produce flowers during the first fall.

Butterfly Bush
Buddleia davidii
A Black Knight Butterfly Bush Blooming in the Garden Buddleia davidii, Butterfly Bush Flowers A Butterfly Bush Blooming in the Garden, Buddleia davidii

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