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Light, water and growing needs of Boston Ferns

dmoore wrote: help my fern is dying. could you please tell me what the light and water requirements are for this plant. thanks deb BOSTON FERN

How to care for a Boston Fern

Hi, Deb I would be willing to bet that your Boston fern started taking a nose dive about the same time as the furnace started running this year. Boston ferns like it cool, they would be very happy to have a 60 degree room, with bright light. Since it doubtful you have a place that cool, I recommend that you keep your fern as far away from heat sources as possible, even at the sacrifice of some light. Ferns thrive on humidity, so they appreciate a daily misting If there are dead or dying fronds, cut them off, so that your plants energy can go to replacing them rather that supporting them. I've always had the best luck, when I would allow the pot to soak up water in a sink for a few hours, and then not water it again until the soil is dry again.. Bill

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