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How to Grow and Care for Miniature Daisy Plants

Bellium minutum

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The Miniature Daisy plant is a vigorous growing, mat forming perennial with dense,
bright green, 1" spoon shaped foliage. They only grow 2" tall, but spread to about 18".
From late spring through summer, they cover themselves with
tiny, ½" Daisy flowers on wirey stems.

Miniature Daisies are easy to grow, ground cover plants for shaded areas of the garden or for
planting between flagstones and pavers, and can easily be grown in containers.
Belliums are evergreen in mild winter regions. Once established, they can withstand light foot traffic, which makes them a good candidate for use as a lawn substitute.

Growing Requirements for Miniature Daisies

Tiny the Garden Gnome

Miniature Daisy plants are hardy in USDA zones 6-9. In colder regions they are grown as annual plants.
Ideally, they should be planted in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade,
but if that is not possible, moderate shade is the next best option.
Miniature Daisies are not overly fussy about the soil they are grown in, as long as it is moist and well-drained.
Water regularly and thoroughly. Belliums will not tolerate periods of drought!
Apply a thin mulch of fine gravel to prevent mud from spashing onto the foliage during watering or rain.

Propagating Miniature Daisies and Growing them from Seed

Miniature Daisy plants are easy to propagate by digging and dividing established plants in the spring or fall.
Miniature Daisies self seed readily and the seedlings transplant easily. Miniature Daisy seeds can also be scattered in the garden during the fall months or early in the spring.

Miniature Daisy
Bellium minutum
Miniature Daisy Bellium Plants in Bloom The Flowers of a Miniature Daisy Plant, Bellium minutum

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