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How to Grow and Care for BeautyBerry Bushes

Callicarpa bodinieri

This plant grows best with full sun for most of the dayThis plant requires shade during the heat of the dayThis plant will tolerate some drought, but benefits from periodic wateringBird Plant or FlowerWhite flowering plantPink flowering plantPurple flowering plantA photograph of Callicarpa bodinieri is availableHow to Use the Plant Care Icons at The Garden Helper

The Beauty of the BeautyBerry Bush

The foliage of the Beauty Berry plant is a beautiful bronze color as it emerges in spring,
but it soon turns to a bright green.
Small lavender flowers will appear on new growth by mid-summer, forming clusters of
berries which ripen to intensely purple color by early fall.
The bright purple berries will remain on the plant after the foliage drops providing a beautifully contrasting effect in the garden during the winter months.
Ernie the Garden Gnome

Growing Requirements for BeautyBerry Bushes

Beauty Berry plants grow to a height of 6-8 feet with a 4-6 foot spread.
This deciduous shrub is hardy in USDA zones 6-8.
Your Beauty Berry should be planted in full sun for maximum flowering and berry production, but they will grow in partial shade as well.
Beauty Berries should be grown in rich, loamy, well-drained soil that has been supplemented with a generous amount of compost at planting time.Water regularly and thoroughly, especially during the first growing season.
Feed lightly every month during the growing season with a balanced, liquid fertilizer.
Blooms form on new wood in the spring so cut back older branches in late winter or very early in the spring to produce stronger flowering canes. Lower branches and spindly growth can be removed in the spring to help shape the plant.
Callicarpa plants can be propagated with tip cuttings taken during the summer months.

Callicarpa bodinieri
The Flowers of a BeautyBerry Bush in Bloom, Callicarpa bodinieri The Vibrant Purple Berries of the BeautyBerry Bush Purple Berries against the Bright Green Foliage of a BeautyBerry Bush

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