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How to Plant and Grow Yarrow Plants in your garden

Achillea millefolium

This perennial plant is a native to Europe and Asia.The 2"-6" clusters of tiny pink, white, or yellow flowers form form atop a 6"-4' spike.(depending on the individal species) The foliage is fern like.

Growing Yarrow

Achillea plants are annual, drought resistant plants that will grow in almost any garden soil. The plants bloom in June, and will bloom again in September if you remove the spent clusters of flowers as they fade.
Common Yarrow has fern-like foliage and can be used for cut flowers. The Achillea species typically has pink flowers but cultivars can provide white or red blooms as well.
Achillea flowers attract many types of butterflies, but the plant may become an invasive weed if it is not properly controlled.
Propagation is accomplished by dividing the plants in early spring, or they can be easily grown from seeds. The seed germinates in in as little as five days, but may take up to two weeks at temperatures between 65° and 75° F..
Light is necessary for the seeds to germinate.
Yarrow flowers attract lots of butterflies
Yarrow flower with a Buckeye Butterfly
Yarrow Flowers and a Buckeye Butterfly
Achillea millefolium

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