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Gardening for Beginners

The Garden Helper as a young boy
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and began my life of gardening by helping my mother in her gardens when I was four years old. (I was in charge of collecting the worms and dealing with all the icky slimey things!)
Flower and vegetable gardens were a standard part of the lifestyle throughout our area.
Every home had a few (dozen?) house plants as well.
I always assumed that was just the way of the world... something that everyone did... everywhere...
I started a small but successful House Plant and Epiphyllum nursery in 1975, and began giving mini House Plant seminars at stores that carried my plants.
Before long, I became known as 'The Plant Guy' throughout the Puget Sound region.
In 1990, the nursery was destroyed by an arsonist and that part of my life suddenly came to an end...
In 1996, my son introduced me to computers and the internet which led me create an ICQ chat room to meet new people.
Discussions in the chat room eventually got around to gardening and plants which resulted in the discovery of my secret identity of 'The Plant Guy'
Soon I became deluged with plant and garden questions. I answered most of the questions in a monthly newsletter I sent out but after a few cases of being asked the same question again I decided to put my answers in web page form.
In 1997 these these e-mail answers became the first of hundreds of pages I authored to help people change from being a brown thumbed gardener to having a Green Thumb.

Garden Success Stories?

Over the years, millions of new and experienced gardeners have found their way to The Garden Helper to find answers to gardening questions.
Thousands of those "brown thumbed" gardeners ended spending hours... days... even weeks exploring and learning from all the different subjects we've covered here. Before long, those gardener wannabees KNEW how to plant a garden and care for the plants in it... and were even teaching me a thing or two!
They all still find their way back here now and then, in spite of the fact that they are already great gardeners!
There will always be something new to learn, afterall...
That has always been our reason for being here
Thank you for visiting The Garden Helper
Have a great gardening day!
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