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The Mosses and Lichens of Hummingbird House

Native Pacific Northwest Moss and Lichens

How to Grow and Care for an Ornamental Moss Garden

Golden Short-Capsuled Moss, Brachythecium frigidum
Golden Short-Capsuled Moss
Brachythecium frigidum
Cladonia Scales Lichen with Cladonia macilenta growing in this Lichen colony
Cladonia Scales
False Pixie Cup Lichen, Cladonia chlorophaea
False Pixie Cup
Cladonia chlorophaea
Lipstick Cladonia Lichen, Cladonia macilenta
Lipstick Cladonia
Cladonia macilenta
Broom Moss, Dicranum scoparium
Broom Moss
Dicranum scoparium
Cord Moss, Funaria hygrometrica
Cord Moss
Funaria hygrometrica
Clear Moss, Hookeria lucens
Clear Moss
Hookeria lucens
Stair Step Moss, Hylocomium splendens
Stair Step Moss
Hylocomium splendens
Dust Lichens, Lepraria sp.
Dust Lichens
Lepraria sp.
Menzies Neckera Moss, Metaneckera menziesii
Menzies Neckera
Metaneckera menziesii
Bottle Moss, Amphidium lapponicum
Bottle Moss
Amphidium lapponicum
There are twelve different Mosses and Lichens growing on this burl!
Mossy Burl
12 Mosses and Lichens
Three different Mosses growing in two square inches
Two Square Inches
3 Different Mosses
Douglas' Neckera Moss, Neckera douglasii
Douglas' Neckera
Neckera douglasii
Cedar Shake Liverwort, Plagiochila porelloides
Cedar Shake Liverwort
Plagiochila porelloides
Ragbag Lichen, Platismatia glauca
Ragbag Lichen
Platismatia glauca
Haircap Moss Growing with Shaggy Sphagnum Moss
Haircap Moss
Shaggy Sphagnum Moss
Juniper Haircap Moss, Polytrichum juniperinum
Juniper Haircap Moss
Polytrichum juniperinum
Awned Haircap Moss, Polytrichum piliferum
Awned Haircap Moss
Polytrichum piliferum
Small Flat Moss, Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans
Small Flat Moss
Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans
Lanky Moss, Rhytidiadelphus loreus
Lanky Moss
Rhytidiadelphus loreus
Bent-Leaf Moss, Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
Bent-Leaf Moss
Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus
Comb Liverwort, Riccardia multifida
Comb Liverwort
Riccardia multifida
Yellow-Ladle Liverwort, Scapania bolanderi
Yellow-Ladle Liverwort
Scapania bolanderi
Oregon Selaginella Club Moss, Selaginella oregana
Oregon Selaginella
Selaginella oregana
Small Red Peat Moss, Sphagnum capillifolium
Small Red Peat Moss
Sphagnum capillifolium
White-Toothed Peat Moss, Sphagnum girgensohnii
White-Toothed Peat Moss
Sphagnum girgensohnii
Shaggy Sphagnum Peat Moss, Sphagnum squarrosum
Shaggy Sphagnum
Sphagnum squarrosum
Questionable Rock-Frog Lichens, Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia
Questionable Rock-Frog Lichens
Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia
A Carpet of Moss in Hummingbird House
A Carpet of Moss
Hummingbird House
New Zealand Brass Buttons, Leptinella squalida
New Zealand Brass Buttons
Leptinella squalida

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