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bottle palm anyone?

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by njoynit on November 10, 2004 04:42 PM
I'm aquireing a bottle palm today.

camera program is down...try the link!

actually the picture they show of the 1st one grown in container.mine is about that size.about same size container also...even has some greenery at jew vine tiny white flowers and looked like something else but will inspect when load the plant...hubby has me on "hold"this morning.I'm transplanting neighbors other plant into new pot and takeing the smaller one and the abies& I need help.that bottle palm plant is not light.I could drag it.but not a nice drag from my house to haveing hubby load bottle palm and 30 gallon barrel of jew and help me transplant her other plant and move 2 in.he don't know about moveing the 2 in....just helping me load 3 large plabts for home& he seen the container that is for the one divideing..wanted to know why was so big(10 gallon container..swiped from meldas herbs-gotta love neighbors)

So what indoor lighting does anyone give theirs.I have a north window in gets some nice bright light& livingroom has some windows with west lighting,but is not bright.

would plant object to me placeing it in ground in the summers and then returning to container in winter?I'm not doing nothing but moveing it to my house now.will sit on front porch beside door then some nights will come inside.was thinking of summer.I know will repot it.its just in sandy loam from her yard.

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