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cold nights and seedlings.

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by Francine on August 18, 2005 12:42 PM

outside on my balcony table i ve got about 40 seedling pots,mexivan hats,cypress vines,dianthus,daisies,morning glories etc...

well tonite is if i recall correctly the first night with a temperature of under 60 f. it s about 57 -58, i want to know if my poor little seedlings will freeze and at which temperature is it better to put them inside,to already get them indoors for the winter,i don t know since they re so little.

on the other hand i ve got plenty of others in my garden but those ones are adults ,shoul i get them inside now or wait till it s a bit more cold,i don t know it seems early to transplant them all from the garden into pots to put in the garage for winter...please help...thankx a lot!! [Frown] [dunno] [Roll Eyes]

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by njoynit on August 19, 2005 03:31 AM
some of those the morning glory cypress vine.will bloom till frost then be done and just collect the seed for sowing next year.I'm waaaaaaaaay further south than you.I grow dianthus and it actually blooms better for the winters and survies freezes here but our freezes are brief....not monthS long.I know mexican hats can be winter sown.I'd not worry till temps were closer to freezeing.I cover some of my stuff with sheets at night in the winter.i just tuck them in& uncover mid morning...but thats not till December here.I have a gardening friend in Ontario.I think she digs her lasagna bed up to come in the garage in mid sept.I know shes gonna install some heating rods in the bed& expierment next year.

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by mike57 on August 19, 2005 06:40 PM
[wayey] HI Francine I agree with njoynit. I think your seedlings will be ok most flowers will tolerate temps down as low as 45 degrees long as theres no frost. before any damage will be done to them hope this helps.your friend in gardening.mike57 [wayey] [flower] [flower]

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by Francine on August 21, 2005 12:25 AM

njoynit and mike thank you very much for the info,njoynit is your friend in ontario on this forum,like to talk with.i ll follow your advice and get them in the garage mid sept or a week before,can t at the end of aug. got the toy run/poker run for the kids but after i ll do it.

if you see weezie tell her my computer is defenitely on the fritz and don t know when i ll have time or money to buy another one;but meanwhile i ll do like today and stroll to my dad s to go on the forum.

this week i m also on training for important promotion at the maybe i ll only come back next sunday the 28.

well thanks for your info,hope everything is good for you...oooooppps,almost forgot to tedll you...MY WONDER EGG S GOT EGGSSS NINE OF THEM...WWWOOOOOWW!!

have a good week-end!!!!

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