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by Peter McCullagh on August 02, 2005 04:13 AM
Hi there,

I planted some chrysanthemums in a bed last year, so far masses of foliage but no flowers. I thought they might have flowered by now. Any ideas why they haven't flowered.

Many Thanks
by phoenix on August 02, 2005 04:26 AM
Hi there Mr. McCullagh,
I'm not 100% sure but, maybe it's not cool enough?
I guess that depends on which type you have huh?
I had some once and they didn't start to flower until early fall. Maybe they need a shot of some fertilizer.
WELCOME to the forum by the way.

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by tkhooper on August 02, 2005 04:33 AM
I think they are fall bloomers like phoenix said. And if they are getting bunches of foliage on now it sounds like they are really going to be gorgeous when they get going. I hope you'll post some pictures of them when they do.
by Karrie on August 02, 2005 04:58 AM
lol I just logged on to ask that same question. Thanks for the earlier request I got an immediate answer. Mine were in a pot granny was going to throw away this spring I kept them and stuck them in a partial shade area under a container plant. This way it got run off from the container and wasnt any effort to keep up well guess what came from that brown stem a nice bushey mum. I pulled it outta the pot and planted in the ground a few days ago, I got a ton of nice green leafy stems but no buds. had me wondering for a bit.

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Karrie's Photos
by toma on August 02, 2005 01:50 PM
Give plants plenty of bright, indirect light, which encourages buds to open. Direct sunlight can burn flowers.
Water blooming plants every two days, even at risk of overwatering.
GARDEN CULTURE It is easy to grow chrysanthemums, but not so easy to grow prize-winning chrysantemums. First it's need more water, feeding, pinching, pruning, grooming and pest control than most perennials. Plant in good, well-drained garden soil improved with organic matter and a complete fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks before planting. In hot climates, plant in partial shade and do not plant near large trees or shrubs with large, long roots. Set out plants in early spring. Water deeply and feed plants regularly with a low-nitrogen fertilizer 2 to 3 times during the growing season but NOT LESS THAN 2 WEEKS BEFORE BLOOM. Sturdy plants and large flowers are a result of frequent pinching. Continue to pinch throughout summer, nipping the top pair of leaves on every shoot that reaches 5" or more. On some early blooming, cushion varieties or in coldest regions, pinching should be stopped earlier. To produce hugs blooms, remove all but two flowers in each cluster. This is known as dis-budding.(about
by njoynit on August 02, 2005 10:53 PM
Mine grow different as its LOTS LOTswarmer here.I get blooms with the time changes.time changes in light set my bloom is heaveir in the fall than from the spring.Mine are evergreen.I do cut them back in july& root cuttings and plant out elsewhere.AND I learned this year the difference to growing my bronze mum in a shaded area versis a full sun area(I'm actually gonna move it....again but to a spot that gets a lil shade.It don't get any where its at& is a bit floppy by july....I ALMOST cut it back in june)I've got serria which is actually blooming the 2nd time now& I'm hopeing it still blooms this fall& I'm going to pinch it some& its gonna be the one moveing to full sun.I love its color.I have a yellow sunshine thats growing in all kinds of spots in the yard& it does good in full sun,but not in shaded spots.its even growing in others yards.I have a red,thats a kings s on its 3rd year and looks to have 3 stems now& i've keept it pinched of buds this yearI need to dig its tag in ground to get the name(For $1 kings will do you a metal tag with grow info...size of dogtag.nice)

As to blooming you have different time frames for blooming,but most are affected by the light.I have one clump of yellows that get light from a security light and they bloom longer,but not as heavy,where my others get pretty good total darkness being in middle of woods and all.ceept in full moon nights.I carry a flashlight in parts of my yard...not just for snakes...but I don't wanna walk into a tree or the holly tree either OUCH or the fence around burn pile.
Florist mums are force bloomed or are the fanicer less hardy types like spider/quill etc. they make sad/poor growing plants cause of the forced conditions.the less hardy ones like no temps below 50.(I am going to try a spider a container plant)NYC botanical gardens does a floral display with the less hardy should check it out if given the chance...send me a plane ticket....I'll go with ya!I might need to borrow a winter coat though.LOL

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