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crab apple production

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by hick on April 30, 2006 05:50 PM
I wanted crab apples for producing jelly. The neighbour purchased one for me she swore would produce edible little crabapples. She says she even asked. Two years later, after seeing nice flowers but no production, I purchased my own two trees from another nursery, they had old apples on as proof. Diago or diablo, something like that. Third year, my two produced, hers still did not.
Here is the catch. Her property is within yelling distance, say 4-500 feet from my trees, and I noticed that she had some trees with old crab apples hanging off them. She calls them her Flowering crabapple trees. She says that a person can not use her little apples, but that the one tree she got for me would have the type that I can use. I have not told her, that that one is barren.
My question: So ornamental crabapple trees actually produce fruit? And how whould I know if the fruit she produces would be the type I could use. Actual tree names I do not think I can obtain. ?????

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by tamara on May 04, 2006 06:20 AM
A flowering crab apple tree is just that. An ornamental tree with fruit for the birds. Most time they are very small and bitter. I have an ornamental "Rudolph" crabapple.

Than there are apple crab trees. The kind that produces fruit for jelly and fresh eating. You probably have a "Dolgo", there is also a "Trail" and a "Rescue" for eating and jelly. I'm in search of a Rescue tree as we speak.

Apple trees all bloom at different times, if the tree that she has doesn't get pollinated than you get pretty flowers followed by no apples. Hope this helps.

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