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Vines and flowers and plants

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Vines and flowers and plants
Resource for gardening enthusiasts. Provides information on selecting, planting, and pruning various potted and house plants, treating soil, controlling pests and weeds, and beneficial insects. Also includes a checklist of essential tasks, a glossary of terms, and photographs. Compendious resource for gardening enthusiasts. Provides practical advice on selecting, planting and pruning various potted and house plants, treating soil, tools, controlling pests and weeds, and beneficial insects. Also includes a checklist of essential tasks, a glossary of terms, photographs and links to books on sale at
Hobbyist's resource on this decorative horticulture. Includes nurturing tips, information on growing specific plants, and reducing pests. Also contains glossary of related terms and a photo gallery.
Vines and flowers and plants
The Library Journal, May 1, 2000
Webwatch review by Rebecca Brumley,

Aimed at the "less experienced gardener," this encyclopedia contains clearly written, highly accessible articles, long enough to be substantial but hardly intimidating. Find 400-plus Garden Guides, in 13 sections, by clicking Gardening Guides or the Index on the top half of the homepage. Keep in mind that the Garden Guides page, not the homepage, connects to most information.
The Bottom Line: This well-designed layperson's guide provides a wide range of basic gardening advice. For more specialized information, go to the university sites. Vines and flowers and plants
Internet Gardening
Harry M. Kriz, University Libraries/Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Bill Beaurain has a colorful and musical garden web headquartered in Washington state.Features of the site include a gardener's monthly project list, advice about a variety of gardening problems, excellent photographs of the mountains, and music to sooth your soul while you wait until gardening season starts in your area. Vines and flowers and plants
Jennifer Brittain, Family/Gardening resources
The garden guide on this site has a lot of information and helpful tips about plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and more. The garden calendar teaches you what to do monthly in your garden. Vines and flowers and plants
EMAZING Site of the Day
Review by: Carla Joy, September 12, 2000
The Garden Helper "is a free encyclopedia of gardening help and information" with "hundreds of gardening and landscape guides." For some reason, the front page also has links to music, screen savers, animation and graphics, Merry Christmas pages. But the Garden Helper is the part of the site that I enjoyed the most. There's a wonderful Garden Calendar, which I found very useful because I always wonder if I'm doing the right thing at the right time with mygarden. The entire year is covered, so you canplan ahead for upcoming months. Bookmark the Calendar page or put it in your reminders and you'll never wonder about your gardening tasks again.

Vines and flowers and plants
BBC *** Within these pages you will find an ever-growing library of gardening, garden and plant information at your disposal from an experienced landscaper. Some of the information is only relevant to gardens in America, but a lot of the topics are appropriate for UK garden enthusiasts too. Topics range from creating a wildlife garden through planting geraniums to pruning rubber plants. Vines and flowers and plants
Virtual University *** The Cool Zone April 5, 2000 Sunny skies , 70 degree temps, birds chirping and I am ready to think about GARDENING!!!!! So my first site for your viewing pleasure is just that all about gardening ,,,, Garden Helper ,,,, from How to take care of these pesky weeds, to the proper planting calendar it is a in depth site with tons of articles to read on all aspects of planting your garden even a houseplant section for those that can't quite manage a full fledge thing. This is great and I plan on digging up more knowledge just by reading all that is here at... Vines and flowers and plants
Ocean County Library *** For the gardener with little experience, this site provides a wide range of basic gardening and landscaping advice. Gardening Guides provide quick links to creating and caring for gardens: help on starting flower and vegetable gardens from scratch, starting seeds, butterfly gardens, hummingbird gardens, and much more. The Garden Calendar is a monthly reminder of the jobs to do outside for your lawn and garden and inside for your houseplants. Both natural and chemical prevention measures for pest and disease problems are offered. Vines and flowers and plants
Librarians Index to the Internet
December 20, 2001
Advice on starting a garden and growing, maintaining, and cultivating flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, grasses, and shrubs. Plants for Specific Needs is about the care and culture of various types of plants and growing environments. Site offers solutions to problems from drainage and moving plants to repelling pests such as slugs and snails and weeds. Other useful articles include composting, fertilizing, garden tools, gardening with children, and planting a new lawn. Searchable. Vines and flowers and plants
On May. 27, 2002, Time Magazine said "the advice from garden guru Bill Beaurain is indispensable, especially for beginners struggling with their houseplants. And don't miss the handy month-by-month guide to what you should be doing in the garden right now."
On March 07, 2004, The Garden Helper was the subject of a nice review By Holly Ocasio Rizzo for her syndicated newspaper column "Home on the Web" entitled No-nonsense site offers helpful gardening tips
  Vines and flowers and plants
In the early days of The Garden Helper one of the things that kept me trying were the many "Cool Site" web awards that were presented to The Garden Helper!
  Vines and flowers and plants
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