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      Calendula officinalis

      Monarch on a Calendula
      • Growth - annual
      • Planting depth - 6 mm / 1/4 inch deep
      • Seed spacing - 5 cm / 2 inches
      • Germination - 10 days at 15-20C / 59-68F
      • Thinning height - 5 cm / 2 inches
      • Light preference - full sun or partial shade
      • Plant spacing - 22.5 cm / 9 inches
      • Bloom time - June to frost
      Calendula is a bright and cheery plant that blooms all summer from June until frost. It is native to the Canary Islands, South and Central Europe, and North Africa.
      Calendula flowers are large (up to 4in/10cm across) and come in blends of yellow, orange, apricot and cream. The plants are easy to grow in the home garden, growing up to 24in / 60cm tall with a spread of 6in / 15cm. Seeds germinate in 10 days at 15-20`C / 59-68`F. Darkness is needed to promote germination, and seeds should be covered lightly with soil. Calendula are annuals, but reseed themselves readily in the garden. Deadheading will promote longer bloom time, as well as prevent reseeding.
      They will grow in poor soil, sun or partial shade. Calendula plants will thrive in full sun, fertile soil and cool weather, but will bloom satisfactorily in all conditions except deep shade and extreme heat.
      Calendula deters asparagus beetles and tomato hornworms making them a good companion planting for tomatoes.

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