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How to Grow and Care for Your Golden Trumpet Vines

Allamanda cathartica

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November 1, 2010
Strawberry trees are upright evergreen shrubs with thick, leathery, dark green foliage. They produce hanging clusters of inverted urn-shaped flowers which develop into 1", bright red spherical fruits that take a full year to ripen. The fruit is edible but not flavorful
The Golden Trumpet Vine originated in the jungles of Brazil, but is now cultivated worldwide.

Growing Requirements for Golden Trumpet Vines

Unfortunately, the Golden Trumpet Vine is only hardy in USDA zones 11-12.
In cooler areas, your Allamanda will need to be grown in a container,
and moved indoors for the winter months.
Golden Trumpet Vines grow best in full sun or very bright light.
If you are growing your Trumpet Vine as a house plant,
give it a little protection from the sun during the hottest days in the summer.
Trumpet Vines prefer a rich humus soil.
Because Allamanda vines are such prolific bloomers, give them a rest during the winter months, watering less, and providing no fertilizer.
Around the first of April you can start feeding your plant with a half strength mix of 5-10-5 liquid fertilizer.
Fertilize with this mixture every 2-3 weeks throughout the spring and summer, but start cutting back on the feeding frequency in late August, with the last feeding at the end of September.
Continue watering as long as the plant is still blooming, but when flowering is done keep the plant on the dry side until spring.
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Pruning and Propagation

Golden Trumpet Vines can be propagated by softwood cuttings.
Prune back hard in the spring to improve the shape and encourage heavy flowering.
Trumpet Vines are especially succeptible to damage from Spider Mites!
Golden Trumpet Vine
Allamanda cathartica
Golden Trumpet Vine