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Wild Willy

Learn How to Grow Great Gardens
and Care for Your Plants

Hi!! Welcome to The Garden Helper! I'm Wild Willy...

    I am one of the many Gnomes who work here at Cedar Hill, creating and maintaining the many gardens and landscape features that are here for our visitors. You'll see many of the gardens as well as the plants and flowers growing here in the photographs on this site that we use to show you aspects of gardening, as well as what some plants and flowers look like.
    If you like to see a little bit of what went into the creating of some our gardens at Cedar Hill, I invite you to browse through The Further Misadventures of Wild Willy when you have a little extra time later...
As a result of a decade of my babbling about my plants and flowers, writing a lot of garden help pages and collecting the gardening and plant knowledge from the thousands of members of our Gardener's Forum, we've somehow ended up with well over 100,000 pages of gardening information and plant growing help... That is a lot of flower power stored in one place!

Finding your way around The Gardens

We recently added a new navigation system includes the drop down menu bar at the top of the page,
link buttons on the side bar and Garden Search.
The top menu bar is static and will always have the same set of links to the main Gardening and Plant directories
The side bar link buttons will change and provide you with options for other related plant directories and gardening pages

Plant Care Icons

We've set up a system of Plant Care Icons to use as guides to help you choose appropriate plants for your garden as well as how to care for the plants that you already grow. Click on the How to Use the Plant Care Icons at The Garden Helper for an explanation of their use.
The Plant Care Directories are 'Wish Lists' of plants based on different criteria you might be searching for. They are accessible from the 'Plants' link in the top menu bar
The 'Gardens' link in the top menu bar will help you create gardens based on your criteria such as a Shade or Butterfly Garden
Be sure to check out the Photo Galleries and free Screen Savers before you go... oh, and my Grandma's favorite cookie recipes! ... Maybe you should just pack a lunch someday and take a little time to go exploring here at The Garden Helper.
You'll be glad you did!

B.T.W... If you ever happen to wander off the garden path and get a little lost while you're here,
just give any Gnome you see a click and he'll be happy to bring you right back here.
I'll be waiting to help get you back along your way...

Have a great gardening day!
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