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Wild Willy

Learn how to care for plants, grow gardens
and solve your gardening problems!

Hi!! Welcome to The Garden Helper! I'm Wild Willy...
    I am one of the many Gnomes who work here at Cedar Hill, creating and maintaining the many gardens and landscape features that are here for our visitors. You'll see many of the gardens as well as the plants and flowers growing here in the photographs on this site that we use to show you aspects of gardening, as well as what some plants and flowers look like.
    If you like to see a little bit of what went into the creating of some our gardens at Cedar Hill, I invite you to browse through The Further Misadventures of Wild Willy when you have a little extra time later...
As a result of a decade of my babbling about my plants and flowers, writing a lot of garden help pages and collecting the gardening and plant knowledge from the thousands of members of our Gardener's Forum, we've somehow ended up with well over 100,000 pages of gardening information and plant growing help...
That is a lot of flower power stored in one place!

Searching The Garden Helper

    The search box you will find on each page is set to only utilize our three data bases. Google searches all the pages from The Garden Helper, The Gardener's Forum and the main sections of the Willy World archives for your answers. If you need to search even deeper, you can use the archive's search engine to dig deeper into the stored pages than other search robots are allowed to go.

Gardening for Beginners

Over the years, millions of new gardeners have wandered in to The Garden Helper to find the answer to a simple question or two. Thousands of those would-be gardeners ended up getting hooked into digging around in the garden here and then spent hours... days... even weeks exploring and learning from all the different subjects we've covered here. Before long, those gardener wannabees KNEW how to grow plants and how to plant a garden, and were even teaching me a thing or two!
A great many of them still coming here now and then, in spite of the fact that they are already great gardeners!
That is our reason for being here

Navigating your way around The Garden Helper

The new navigation system includes the drop down nav bar at the top of the page, link buttons on the side of the page, two searching systems and seventy eight Gnomes.
The menu bar at the top will always have the same set links, designed to get you to the general topic of gardening you are interested in reading about. Once you have clicked away to the page where you want to go, you will find a new set of link buttons on the side bar, giving you an appropriate set of options for the answer to your question or possibly to some sub categories...
As an example; you could click on the 'House Plant' button on the top navigation bar (on any page) and once there you could decide to check out how to put together a cool Terrarium! Ok, if you already have a terrarium there is a link to a directory of care guides for terrarium and dish garden plants...
The nav bar can also take you off to start a new garden, like a Hummingbird Garden, Butterflies, Vegetables etc. There are categories for groups of plants (bulbs, trees, annuals...), categories based on your environment, garden 'criteria' (shade)..... Then, there are flower photo galleries, hundreds of recipes.... Christmas cookies.... screen savers....
B.T.W... If you ever happen to wander off the path and get a little lost while you're here, just give any Gnome you see a click and he'll be happy to bring you right back here where I'll be waiting to help get you back along your way...
Pack a lunch and take a little time to go exploring at The Garden Helper.
You'll be glad you did!
Have a great gardening day!
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