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The Garden Helper is a free encyclopedia of gardening help and information. You will find hundreds of easy to understand garden and landscaping guides, with care and cultural information about your favorite flowers, trees and plants. The landscape guides at The Garden Helper are not designed for the home gardener who hires their landscaping work out. These pages are written to help the novice in the garden to greate their own little garden of Eden, at their own pace. We gardeners tend to move rather slowly some times, so I guess that blows any points for high tech web design). However, I do feel that I have provided a lot of useful gardening information for my readers, and add new plant profilepages quite often (500 pages +-). I hope that you will be able to visit this site. When you do, I hope you enjoy your visit and find The Garden Helper to be of sufficiently high quality to at least be considered to be considered for a review.
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