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Dahlias for your desktop Just Dahlias
Dahlias bring beauty back to your landscape.
Now they can brighten your desktop too!
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Butterflies and Moths for your desktop Flutterbys
26 colorful and beautiful Butterflies and Moths
to adorn your desktop
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Up Close Photos Up Close... (Close Up?)
27 thought provoking Up Close photos of flowers, critters and other such things
Free Screen Saver
The Colors of Autumn The Colors of Autumn
30 beautiful photos of Mother Nature's
changing of the seasons
Free Screen Saver
Buds and Blooms free screensaver Buds and Blooms Screensaver...
38 beautiful photographs of
flower buds, blooms and blossoms
Free Screen Saver
Critters and Creatures photos All Creatures Great and Small...
Your own zoo of 42 different cute, cuddly critters
and icky, creepy creatures
Free Screen Saver
Cats and Kittens photographs Cats and Kittens Screensaver...
Enjoy these 42 Cats and Kitties at work, at play, snoozin or cruisin... or just being cute
Free Screen Saver
Photos from Wallace Falls State Park Wallace Falls State Park...
Visit the forests of Wallace Falls Park, past waterfalls, giant trees and wildflowers (43 pix)
Free Screen Saver
Cruising the West Cruising the West...
50 scenic views of everything from the Pacific Ocean to the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone Park
Free Screen Saver
Nature and Flowers Nature and Flowers...
35 of my personal favorites from my collection of digital photographs.
Free Screen Saver
Waterfalls Waterfalls...
Enjoy these 30 waterfall scenes, from small mountain springs to the mighty Snoqualmie Falls
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The Garden Helper, Helping gardeners grow their dreams since 1997

Plant Flower and Nature Photo Galleries

and screensavers from The Garden Helper

I began taking digital photographs shortly after I started The Garden Helper so that I could take pictures of the plants that I was profiling and insert them into the pages for identification purposes.
My digital camera gives me the ability to literally take hundreds of photos each time I wander around in my Cascade Mountains looking for rare plants or adventure.
Between that, a few road trips to places I had never been, visits to fabulous gardens, and photographing the creation of my own gardens, I seem to have accumulated a stash of over 30 thousand flower, plant, nature and critter photos sorted into 365 category folders on my computer.
Digital photos have become one the most important assets of this site. I use them on plant profile pages, in galleries and screen savers and on occasion I chop them up to use for buttons and other grapics for Garden Helper pages.
Many of these non gardening pages were eventually forgotten and lost among the other 14,395 Garden Helper pages. Since I was upgrading this page anyway, I thought I would dust the cobwebs off these old pages and post their links here.... just in case you were in the mood to look at a few pictures today!
You are welcome to download and save any of the photos you find on The Garden Helper (Right mouse click, then select either 'set as wallpaper' or 'save as') and any of the screen savers for yourself or to share with friends.
That's why they are here!

Galleries and Screen Savers

Wild Willy the Garden Helper
The first two photo galleries I put together were pretty primative, but people seemed to enjoy them nonetheless... I am still trying to track down one other missing gallery from the early years.
The first gallery came into being on a free home page hosting site early in 1996. At that time I had the ICQ chat room which eventually evolved into The Garden Helper. I put that gallery together for the members of that group. It was simply called'The Picture Page'
Series Two Nature Photos went online on a new forum a few months later, with the added 'luxury' of having the photos sorted by subject.
(Links Right --->)
In 1999 I started my first forum in response to the aftermath of the New York Morning News (ch 4) telling the Northeast US that I would answer all e-mail gardening questions.... all by myself... just me
I tried valiantly, but there were 30,000 e-mails in the first twelve hours, and 60,000 before the dust settled so... I dleleted about 59,950 letters the next day and started a Forum, with the plan being that I would use the forum as my 'answer machine' so I could do other important things like goofing off, making Christmas Cookie Recipe pages and transitioning photo Screen Savers with Wallpaper Sets to give away to The Garden Helper's visitors.
(<--- Links Left)
Originally, there were twelve Screen Savers but one was removed later. The links on the left will take you the photo galleries and download pages for those eleven Screen Savers.
At some point in time back then, I put all my collected web graphics online for everyone's free use.
I put together my Kid Stuff Page and Winnie the Pooh page so the little ones could stay busy while their Moms were busy baking up some of Grandma's cookies or looking for gardening help.
One day I must have been exceptionally bored.... or something....
Because I built myself a Theme Park!
I started The Gardener's Forum in August of 2002. Using the forum as my arena, I began posting a special feature that I called The Desktop of the Day Each day I posted three photos of 'like' subjects for the members enjoyment. I continued the DOD almost (haha) every day, until 2006. At some point I compiled all of the accumulated D.O.D. wallpaper photos into the Pix du Jour Album.
Within a short time I realized that when I posted photos of plants, I should include a 'How to Care for' plant profile with the photos of garden plants. After that time, the Desktop of the Day was directed more toward photographs of nature, critters and scenery.
Over the next few years, several hundred pictures of Posies were posted with care instructions in
Plant Pictures and Profiles
(Links Right --->)
In January of 2004 I began telling stories about the history of Cedar Hill and its Critters and Plants and things. I posted photos of my projects like Hummingbird House and The Bus Stop as the construction proceeded. Now, I know that you have all seen a bus stop... but not THE Bus Stop, and I KNOW that you have never seen a fourty foot long Hummingbird House!
If you don't believe me, you should probably go read it.....
The Further Misadventures of Wild Willy
That's me!

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